General services

Project Initiation

We will work with you from the outset to help you establish your priorities, objectives and goals

We will help you establish a budget and a scope of work

We can help you with site selection and advise on a site strategy

We will develop sketch designs to allow analysis of potential approaches until you are satisfied with the optimum strategy

We advise on any third party surveys, trial holes, engineering design or conservation reports to be undertaken


Concept Development

We will meet with the local authorities to establish whether the intended project will meet with their requirements. If so, the project is designed with drawings, card/wood models, 3 dimensional drawings and illustrations. The budget is updated to incorporate results of any surveys or specialist design.

For low energy projects, an energy balance simulation will be carried out at the initial design stage. This is an additional service not normally carried out by designers who are designing conventional buildings.


Planning Applications

We will further develop the design to sufficient detail for planning application. On receiving your sign-off on the proposed design and budget, and agreement in principle from local authorities on the proposal, we will prepare and lodge the planning application.

Compliance Management

The design will be further developed to enable compliance with the building regulations to be demonstrated
If required, a Fire Safety Certificates and Disabled Access Certificate application will be made. Any additional information in relation to the planning application shall be prepared

Detail Design

A full set of detail drawings and a specification will be prepared.
A schedule of finishes will be agreed with you.


We will organise a competitive tender using recommended contractors in order to ensure you are getting value for money.
We will advise on the shortlist of contractors to make sure they are competent and reliable.
We will advise on forms of construction contract to use.
If you do not wish to tender the project and have a contractor in mind, we can assist in the price negotiation process.

Contract Negotiation

We will assist your quantity surveyor in checking the tenders and reporting on these.
We will advise on any adjustments to the specification that may be necessary.
We will prepare the contract for signing.
We will advise on insurances and bonds if required.

Construction Management

We will inspect the ongoing works to ensure they are being completed in accordance with the contract and that the workmanship is of a good standard.
We will check to make sure the works are in compliance with the building regulations.
We will check that the works are proceeding diligently and in accordance with the programme.
We will issue certificates for payment in accordance with the contract.

Additional Services

If required we offer the additional service of:

  • Project Supervisor Design Stage to co-ordinate the activities of the designers in their responsibilities to design a project that can be safely constructed and maintained
  • Services in relation to planning appeals
  • Services in relation to dispute resolution processes
  • Attendance at oral hearings
  • Documents for marketing purposes
  • Detailed budget estimates
  • Dwelling energy assessment procedures (DEAP)