My approach

The key ingredient in all my designs is an understanding of how things are made and assembled on site. Each design requires a unique approach to designing the story of how this building will be fabricated, repaired and made fresh a place to live, work and enjoy.

I use a lot of artisans and high quality builders to carry out my works. On one job I had 66 artists working on individual pieces, 12 artisans creating joinery, ironwork, stone tile and glasswork.

Being able to communicate an idea and how that idea can be made by individuals is vital. Respecting what individual trades and artisans will tell you is what builds a good relationship that brings projects in on time and budget and better than ever imagined.

Huw O’Toole Designs Ltd strives to deliver a bespoke solution to all built endeavours, from a tree house to a Hotel; the essential elements are what make any project stand out above the rest.

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