Maynes Pharmacy Dublin


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This project is the second Arthur Maynes, and the clients first foray into Dublin. It is the first job with the opening of our Wicklow office. The brief was to design the idea of Arthur Maynes Cork in to and existing bar in Dublin. The previous bar was Longs Bar, a traditional Dublin bar that had been ruined by refurbishment in the early 1990’s. We completely redesigned the floor plan and front elevation. Little is left of that refurbishment.

The main area of change was the front bar area. This was fully redesigned and the front elevation changed to suit the display of old medicine bottles and paraphernalia. The style developed was of the traditional shop front with a working Chemist, (The bar sells perfumes and basic drugs allowable under legislation as well as alcohol.) The bar also carries a full kitchen and has its resident chef firmly established in the kitchen.

The floor surfaces were chosen to reflect the period and the joinery was all designed by us and executed by hand by KeltKraft Joinery. This was essential to give the look that the bar had always been like this. The bar was intended that it should function as the place of ease for many different social groups and drinkers, from wine connoisseurs to the pint of plain.
The front elevation was inspired by a La Confitteria Barcelona. I hope we have done it justice. You decide!

Main contractor: BLD Construction
Structural engineers: DKF
Joiners: Keltkraft