The Bodega

Cornmarket St., Cork

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This project, our 5th with Brendan McCabe took 12 months to design, plan research, source and prepare. The construction process was 5 months in total. There was a 50/50 approach to design: the client had an excellent idea and we developed it together from this starting point.

After 12 months of planning and 5 months of construction we had the most beautiful bar in Ireland open to the public. The design was based around a narrative. The narrative described suggested what could have been in Ireland if our culture had remained intact and had been influenced more by mainland Europe rather than articulated by a Anglo-Norman vehicle. The historical research was aided by, UCC and Peter Foynes of the Cork Butter Museum

Every piece of joinery, arch, bar and casting was designed by us. We travelled to Canada, USA, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Germany, England and France looking for the right components.

I oversaw the commission and installation of the work of 66 artists who contributed works to the project.

Huw O’Toole Designs Ltd designed and oversaw all the works on site. I was personally on site every day directing works and ensuring that the Bodega re-opened on time and on budget.

Main Contractor: Joseph Lane & Associates
Engineers: Horgan Lynch
Mechanical Engineers: Delap and Waller
Joinery: Paul O’Toole, Keltkraft
Electrical: Tony Aherne
Mechanical services: MBS
Stainless Steel: DW Wilson
Oak Flooring: Ken Curtin
Paintwork: Stephan Coughlan
Tiling:Roy Walsh